Fame Follows Merit | Ivy is Awarded the 2017 Tencent “Echo China” Influential Education Brand

Date: November 23 2017


On November 22, 2017, the 2017 Tencent “Echo China” Education Annual Billboard ceremony was hosted by Tencent at China World Hotel in Beijing.

At the ceremony, Ivy Education Group won the award of 2017 Influential Education Brand, in response to the 14 years of devotion to Chinese-English bilingual education and adhering to the group mission of social services.


Echo China


Established in 2007, the “Echo China” Tencent Education Annual Billboard has now become a brand activity with broad influence and great authority and has drawn extensive attention in the fields of education and media. This ceremony, with the theme of “Speaking for Education in the Age of We Media”, has invited reputed educators, scholars, crossover public figures, leadership of educational enterprises and big Vs of We Media, with the purpose of exploring that in the “Age of We Media”, how individuals in the education industry gather strength and upgrade their influence via platform empowerment. At present, there are over 50 million netizens participating in the selection procedure, which makes “Echo China” the most influential and appealing campaign in the education sector.


At the award ceremony, Juck Hsu, founder and CEO of Ivy Education Group, accepted the interview by a journalist of Tencent Education as the winner of 2017 Influential Education Brand, probing into the development orientation of the education industry in the new era.

Jack Hsu, founder and CEO of Ivy Education Group, accepted the interview of journalist of Tencent Education


Interview Record


Tencent Journalist: Hello, net friends of Tencent, I’m your host today. My name is Jia Qi. Welcome to the award ceremony of “Echo China” Tencent Education Annual Billboard. I’m with Jack Hsu, founder and CEO of Ivy Education Group. Hello, Mr. Hsu, please say hello to our net friends first.


Jack Hsu: Hello, every one, I’m Juck Hsu, founder and CEO of Ivy Education Group. First, I’ll make a brief introduction of the Ivy Education Group. We started to found schools in China in 2003, and now we have 17 campuses ranging from kindergarten, primary school, junior high school to senior high school in cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Ningbo, Xi’an and Chengdu.


Tencent Journalist: Recently, the development of science, as well as the integration of some brand-new technologies and the Internet, have actually imposed a relatively great impact on the education industry. It impels us to see education from different perspectives. Mr. Hsu, does Ivy have any new relevant plans in this regard to share with us, please?


Jack Hsu: It’s a good question. I’ll give you an example. Classrooms 300 years ago have no substantial difference with classrooms today. I majored in Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus as an undergraduate in the University of California, Berkeley, and then the master degree of computer science. Your question has something to do with my major, and it is also something that I have been thinking about.


Now, schools have 3 major kinds of target audience – teachers, students and parents. And we, Ivy Education Group, thinks that parents and teachers are the group that science and technology can actually bring overturning impact to for now. While students need the interaction with and inspiration from their teachers, which is something technology can by no means replace. In terms of science and technology, we provide more auxiliary tools, such as information system background, for teachers to better prepare customized lessons, saving a lot of time and avoiding repetitive work.


For parents, we offer them service assistance. Our online service system gives parents the progress reports of their kids every week, and we also provide online payment for them to pay tuition fees and to select after-class activities. And our final objective is to make the communication between schools and parents more efficient and transparent.


The American education has tried a lot in this, and we can learn from them. For example, Altschool provides customized education solutions through science and technology. Ivy has been keeping a watchful eye on Altschool since their exploration and experiment stages, to see how science and technology can overturn the interaction between teachers and students.


Tencent Journalist: Do parents, students and teachers agree with the changes in science and technology? What feedback or advise do they have about this?


Jack Hsu: Parents are now quite busy. If schools can help parents have a better understanding about their kids from multiple aspects and perspectives, we will surely be welcomed by them and help them solve many practical problems. According to the independent study of Ivy Education Group, many parents spend less than 8 hours interacting with their kids per week, which is way below the optimum number of hours. Because parents now are basically busy at work, they could only spend a few hours with their kids.


Therefore, within the 8 hours that I just mentioned, the key is to figure out how to help parents have a more comprehensive understanding about the learning condition and interests of their kids. Of course, it is even better that parents spend more time with kids. This is not something that science and technology can solve, but something related to educational idea and behavioral pattern.