Another Award! Ivy is awarded the “2017 Outstanding Chinese Education Brand” at China Education Ceremony.

Date: December 1 2017

From November 27 to 28, 2017, “China Education Ceremony -- 10th Anniversary” sponsored by and Sina Educational Channel was held in Beijing. Themed on “Change of Education”, the ceremony reviewed hot issues in 2017 and looked ahead to the future trend of educational development with focus on multiple fields like educational consumption, education + S&T, online education, educational investment, public education and international education. Presented were over 1,000 guests, including reputed scholars and experts in the educational field, government leaders, officials at embassies and consulates, school representatives, top educational investors, directors of educational institutions, elite educational entrepreneurs, representatives of public education, crossover stars and representatives of educational We-Media.


From the 1st Anniversary in 2008, China Education Ceremony has become the most influential annual educational event with a wide coverage and the largest scale. And Ivy Education Group, by virtue of over 10 years of exploration and innovation in preschool education, was awarded the “2017 Outstanding Chinese Education Brand” at “China Education Ceremony -- 10th Anniversary”.

Yan Wenyan, Finance Director of Ivy Education Group, Accepts the Award of “2017 Outstanding Chinese Education Brand

Jack Hsu, founder and CEO of Ivy Education Group, attended the round-table forum themed on “Intelligence in Planning: planning and connection at the beginning of low-age international education facing popular low-age overseas study” as a major guest at the ceremony. Also presented were Cao Wen – Dean of BFSU International, Cheng Fengyun – Principal of Beijing Changping New Oriental Foreign Language School, and Zhu Xiaoxuan – Vice President of QWOS. Around the topic of “low-age trend of international education is a progress for Chinese education”, Jack Hsu reviewed his own education experience from kindergarten to university in Taiwan, Singapore and America, concluding that education is about balance. In other words, both gain and loss of receiving international education abroad at a low age should be taken into consideration. Chinese language education cannot be given up in case that kids may come back home for further development. Another critical issue in need of consideration is the relationship between kids and their parents. Therefore, receiving domestic international education at a low age is actually a better alternative.


Jack Hsu (the 2nd from the left), Founder and CEO of Ivy Education Group, Attends Group Discussion


During the exclusive dialogue of Sina Education Channel, Mr. Hsu shared the application of Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory in education, and the experience of Ivy Education Group in founding international and bilingual schools. According to Mr. Hsu, MI theory conforms to both Chinese individualized educational principles and differentiation education in other countries, a crucial reason to the fact that such theory proposed by a reputed professor at Harvard University could be put into practice with great achievements in China. Ivy Schools are the first to study and implement the MI theory. In brief, the essence of MI theory is to find the highlights of each kid and make the highlights drive the progress in other aspects. In the dialogue interview, Jack Hsu also shared with us without any hesitation the secrets of being the market leader: slow down and dig deeper; cultivate high-quality teachers and excel in characteristic education.


Jack Hsu, Founder and CEO of Ivy Education Group, Accepts Exclusive Interview by Sina Education Channel


At the ceremony, Ivy Education Group issued White Paper on Kindergarten Selection for New Generation of Chinese Families, and Aaron Wu, Marketing Director, also published certain sets of data. Mr. Wu mentioned that due to two-child policy and huge capital inflows, the preschool education in China has stepped into the optimum stage where the new generation of Chinese families are most concerned about security and health, educational concept and school curriculum while selecting schools for their kids.

Aaron Wu, Marketing Director of Ivy Education Group Introduces the White Paper and Industrial Trend


After winning the 2017 Tencent “Echo China” Influential Education Brand on November 22, Ivy Education Group was also awarded “2017 Outstanding Chinese Education Brand” at China Education Ceremony. We hope that Ivy Education Group, as the practitioner and promoter of education development, would continue its contribution to the Chinese education industry.