Educators from 3 Top Bilingual Schools Discuss Bilingualism

Date: January 29 2016

Despite the freezing cold weather on Saturday, close to a hundred and fifty people gathered at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing to hear and discuss a topic close to their hearts: "How to Successfully Raise A Bilingual Child."

Ivy CEO Jack Hsu warmly welcomed the audience before the discussion began
Hosted by the Ivy Education Group, the Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) featured a lively discussion with a group of esteemed panelists:
  • Christine Xu, Chinese Co-Principal of YCIS Beijing
  • Mary Jew, Head of Primary, Keystone Academy
  • Elizabeth Hardage, Chief Academic Officer of Ivy Education Group
  • Dr. George Hu, Clinical Psychologist from Beijing United Hospital
  • Moderator: CCTV News Host Eyee Hsu
 Panelists: Dr. George Hu,Elizabeth Hardage, Mary Jew, Christine Xu and Eyee Hsu (From Left to Right)
The discussion covered all aspects of bilingualism, including how do you define a bilingual child, when is the best age to start, what are the benefits of bilingualism, what can parents do at home to support a bilingual child, what are the challenges and social pressures a child can encounter, and how a parent can recognize the challenges should they arise. The two hour session was interspersed with video clips from an American documentary called  "Speaking in Tongues,"which followed four children in a Chinese or Spanish immersion program in California. The event ended with a half hour of in-depth Q&A.
Q&A session
Both foreign and Chinese attendees commented that they felt the session was timely, spirited, and informative. The whole event was filmed and will be made available online via the Ivy schools and Daystar Academy websites in both Chinese and English by mid to late February.
Our mission as Ivy Education Group is to constantly offer informative sessions that are beneficial to the community through our DSS. We thank everyone who kindly joined us this past Saturday, and look forward to welcoming you to our next Distinguished Speaker Series! 
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